I like challenges.

The bigger the better. And whether you’re small, big or in between, if you’re stuck, I’m here to help you figure out your next step. Are you looking for capacity funding to take your company to the next level? Contemplating a capital campaign and not sure whether you have the resources to pull it off? On the verge of expanding your product line and struggling to figure out whether you can afford that new production facility? Dreaming of a multi-team project but uncertain as to how to manage it—or how to fund it? I can help. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader—and I’ll retain my outside-looking-in objectivity as to the demands on your time and your resources. Chances are, I’ve counseled other leaders in similar situations—so I can help you figure out the next few moves, and encourage you to imagine what’s coming down the pike in a month…a year…five years. If you like the idea of a little prescience in your corner, get in touch.